Bergeron Land Development:
Shaping the Florida Landscape Since 1965

Since 1965, few businesses have shaped the landscape of Florida and the lives of its residents more than Bergeron Land Development. As one of the most highly respected and largest site development and roadway construction contractors in Florida, Bergeron has grown communities, expanded commerce and improved commutes – all while protecting Florida’s environmentally sensitive ecosystem.

The Bergeron family has built a solid reputation by successfully meeting every deadline, making every budget and capturing every available bonus. In our years of service, spanning six decades, we have completed projects for both the private and public sectors including site preparation for residential subdivisions, commercial buildings, industrial and other facilities and the construction of roads, highways, airports, canals, levees and wetland mitigation.

Bergeron has extensive industry experience, in-depth market knowledge and unmatched project bidding capabilities. In addition, Bergeron has the following:

Featured Roadway Construction, Site Development and Environmental Projects

Stormwater Treatment
Area Expansion

To eliminate the need for the SFWMD to construct a new seepage canal and pump station, Bergeron will expand the Stormwater Treatment Area (STA-1W) in Palm Beach County. The project includes developing 4,600 acres of inactive farmland, and the excavation and embankment of 3.2 million yards to create canals and levees.
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Bypass Project

To accommodate the ever increasing traffic of Florida’s west coast, Bergeron will widen 1.38 miles of SR 45A/Venice Bypass from Gulf Coast Blvd. to north of Bird Bay Dr. The project, which began in November 2015, will turn the existing roadway from a four-lane to a six-lane divided highway.
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