Award Winning Environmental Projects

Bergeron Land Development has performed a number of sensitive environmental projects including Everglades restoration and wetland mitigation. After successfully completing the Stormwater Treatment Area 2 and WC2A Hydropattern Restoration Works for South Florida Water Management District, Bergeron Land Development was featured in Construction Today Magazine and the projects were awarded the 2003 OCEA, Award of Merit, from the American Society of Civil Engineers for best design, quality, importance and completion. Bergeron Land Development is experienced in accommodating the special demands of working in South Florida’s unique wetlands and waterfront areas as defined by the following projects.

City of Miami Beach Pump Stations & West Avenue Improvements
$34.6 Million

miami beach -pumpstation - roadway construction project for Bergeron Land Development

To fight rising sea level flooding, Bergeron Land Development and the City of Miami Beach undertook numerous design-build projects including four pump stations at 6th, 10th, 14th and 17th Streets.

The seawall at 10th, 14th, 17th and Alton Court was reconstructed at the new City of Miami Beach elevations of 5.7 NAVD88. Additionally, Bergeron Land Development reconstructed all underground utilities and raised the streets approximately two feet along West Ave. from 5th St. to 6th Street, 6th St. from Alton Rd. to West Ave., 10th St. from Alton Rd. to Biscayne Bay, 14th St. from Alton Rd. to Biscayne Bay, 17th St. from Alton Rd. to Collins Canal, West Ave. from Lincoln Rd. to 17th St. and Alton Ct. from 17th St. to Collins Canal.

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Port Everglades Wetlands Restoration
$15.7 million

port-everglades, Broward County, Florida - Environmental project completed by Bergeron Land Development

As part of the Port Everglades Turning Notch Extension, this project will lengthen the existing deepwater turn-around area for cargo ships from 900 feet to 2,400 feet, which will allow for up to five new cargo berths at Port Everglades. Bergeron Land Development will be responsible for replacing almost nine acres of an existing mangrove conservation easement with almost 17 acres of invasive trees and miscellaneous materials into a thriving mangrove wetlands area with approximately 70,000 red and black mangroves and some buffer species trees to complete the area. The project will also include a deep channel to allow for manatee access.

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Herbert Hoover Dike Enhancements
$25 million

herbert-hoover-dike-enhancements - Environmental project for Bergeron Land Development

In order to increase the flood protection levels and reduce the risk of structural failure around a rain-soaked Lake Okeechobee in Central Florida, Bergeron Land Development replaced two water control structures along the Herbert Hoover Dike. Considered to be one of the nation’s most at-risk of failing, the 143-mile earthen structure surrounding Lake Okeechobee has been undergoing rehabilitation for more than a decade.

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SR A1A Revetment from Sloan’s Curve
to Widener’s Curve
$ 9.5 Million

For this Federal Aid collaboration with the FDOT, Bergeron Land Development constructed 5,900 feet of roadway along AIA in Palm Beach County, Florida. In addition, Bergeron Land Development  built revetment along the roadway adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean to protect the nesting habitat of the endangered sea turtles. This project required the highest coordination and communication with its sub-contractors and regulators.


Stormwater Treatment Area 2 &
WC2A Hydropattern Restoration Project
$ 9.5 Million

This highly sensitive environmental project for the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) required Bergeron Land Development to construct numerous levees, berms and canals. Special concern was taken to protect animals living there including bears, panthers, snakes and turtles from any unforeseen hazards or harm. Turbidity fences and silt fences were utilized to successfully maintain their safety as well as perform de-watering and blasting operations in accordance with the project specifications and permit restrictions.


C-51 Canal Improvement Project
$3.0 Million

As a Federal Aid Project with the US Army Corp of Engineers, Bergeron Land Development constructed multiple levees, berms and canals within the Everglades National Park. Extra steps were taken to protect the ecosystem such as the installation of piezometers to monitor the environmental impact construction was having on the area. In addition, turbidity and silt fences were used to maintain safe and protected areas for the many animals who call the Everglades home.