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Bergeron Land Development’s Fight Against Sea Level Rise Recognized by I Build America’s Construction Impact Awards

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. – Bergeron Land Development has announced that its Miami Beach Pump Station project was named a semi-finalist in the annual I Build America Construction Impact Awards. Bergeron partnered with the City of Miami Beach for the $34.6 million design-build project commissioned to fight flooding brought on by heavy rains, King tide and raising sea levels. The project was also named 2016 Project of the Year (Category III) by the Cuban-American Association of Civil Engineers.

The scope of the project included elevating roadways and sidewalks as much as three feet, raising sea walls and installing four pump stations capable of pumping more than 80 million gallons of water per day. In an area that is three feet below sea level in places, standing water from heavy rains would take days to clear but now, the roadways are clear in 15 minutes. The project was completed with a cost-saving LED street lighting system, bike lanes, two new parks and landscaping for a greater tree canopy.

The Construction Impact Awards recognizes projects that made America more efficient, safer, cleaner, and more fun. More than 100 projects were nominated in the areas of industrial, oil and gas, power, telecom, transportation and water/wastewater. “With the media claiming that Miami Beach may be ground zero for climate change, our work received attention and scrutiny from governmental institutions, other communities, scientists and researchers worldwide,” said Bergeron Land Development Founder and President Ronald M. Bergeron, Sr.. “I am happy to report that it was a very successful collaboration with the City of Miami Beach and the Florida Department of Transportation. To be recognized for not only quality work but for our positive impact on the community is wonderful.”

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