Sawgrass Expressway Canal Revetment Project

Client:   Florida Turnpike Authority and Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)
Location: Broward County, Florida
Project Type:  Canal Revetment
Procurement Type: Contract – $3.2 Million

Considered a “pilot project” by the Florida Turnpike Authority and Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), the focus of the Sawgrass Expressway Canal Revetment projects was to prevent damage to the roadway and adjacent sound walls during heavy seasonal rains by enhancing the overall stability of the canal embankments. Additionally, the roadway construction project also produced a safe environment for highway  maintenance operations.

In order to repair canal slopes that have suffered severe erosion, Bergeron Land Development excavated the eroded areas, lining the area with filter fabric anchored by a trench filled with sand, cement, rip rap, and placing shot rock to bring up to subgrade, and lining the ditch with rip rap to finish the grade. Due to existing land features, all work was performed from the water using barges.

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