Stormwater Treatment Area (STA-1W) Refurbishments

Client: South Florida Water Management District
Location: Palm Beach County, Florida
Project Type: Environmental
Procurement Type: Contract – $10.9 Million

Bergeron Land Development was hired to refurbish the initial STA-1W in order to improve water quality discharges to the Everglades Protection Area (EPA).

During standard operations, the spreader canals cells distribute water internally to sheet flow across treatment cells and into the collector canals.  By relocating and/or removing levees, and regrading the areas within the cells, the performance of this standard operation has been greatly improved.

By helping to balance flows and loads to meet the Water Quality Based Effluent Limit (WQBEL), the goal is to achieve compliance with the State of Florida’s numeric phosphorus criterion in the EPA.  The project used suitable excess soils from degraded levees and cell areas supplemented by imported soils.